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Nutrilite Protein Powder


Nutrilite® is the world 's leading brand of vitamins minerals and dietary supplements grown harvested and processed on its own certified organic farms ,Experience,Research&care,Together,they make NUTRILITE supplements the best that science and nature can create.NUTRILITE has ben awarded 61 patents from product to packing,and NUTRILITE owns more tan 7500 acres of farmland at five location throughout USA,Brazil & Mexico,its a 70 yrs old company stand for his own product quality.

Nutrilite Protein Powder

Nutrilite Protein is a ‘complete protein’ which provides balanced amounts of essential and non-essential amino acids vital for maintenance and rebuilding of cells and tissues. It has a high protein content of 80% and provides a balanced supply of all nine essential amino acids. It also provides the added benefits of naturally occurring soy isoflavones, calcium and iron.
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Product Benefits

NUTRILITE Protein Powder gives you a nutritious alternative to meats and dairy products.

NUTRILITE Protein Powder provides a natural supply of essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. It is unflavored, neutral tasting, making it the ideal addition to your favorite foods and drinks. NUTRILITE Protein Powder is certified Kosher and Halal. NUTRILITE Protein Powder is the perfect protein alternative for those seeking a lean source of protein in their diets.

The Protein for everyone.

Provides at least 8gm of protein per 10 gram serving.Combination of high quality protein isolated from soy & milkContains only 0.3gm/serve fat

Contains Soy LecithinContains Soy IsoflavonesDoes not contain artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

Ingredients :: Soy Protein isolate,Milk Protein Concentrate,SoyLecithin,Slicon Dioxide.

Provides at least
8gm of protein per 10 gram serving.
Combination of high quality protein isolated from soy & milkContains only 0.3gm/serve fatHas a BV = 81% and PER = 2.5Is neutral tastingContains Lactalbumin and Methionine derived from Milk WheyIs stable under high temperaturesContains Soy LecithinContains Soy IsoflavonesDoes not contain artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

High protein content, convenient usage, Excellent source of ‘complete’ proteinLow Fat, Low cholesterol protein sourceCompares favourably with Milk proteinsNeutral tasting , hence Can be mixed with multiple food itemsAlternative source of protein for individuals with lactose intoleranceRetains all its nutritional value when cooked with other foodHas excellent dispersability making it easier to mix in beveragesHigh quality, consistent proteinSoy isoflavones may help reduce heart problem

What function does protein perform?

Protein functions as a transporter, defends against diseases, and maintains fluid and electrolyte balance. Protein also makes up muscle and connective tissue, hormones, and the enzymes necessary for normal cellular function. Constructed from small molecules called amino acids.

How much protein do we need each day?

Our protein needs depend on our age, size, and activity level. ICMR recommends the following protein intake for different life stages for Indian population:

Adults 1.0 gm/kg body weight/day

Children 1.5 gm/kg body weight/day

Pregnant/Lactating women 1.75 gm/kg body weight/day

What’s PDCAAS?

It is a global standard established by WHO. With a score of 1.0 representing the highest score possible for a quality protein source.

Is Nutrilite Protein for everyone?

Being a lean and complete protein source, Nutrilite Protein Powder is an ideal supplement for the entire family.

People suffering from any medical ailment are recommended to consult their doctor.
Given its neutral taste, Nutrilite Protein Powder can be mixed with variety of food items like cereals, breads, cakes, biscuits, vegetables, salads, vegetable juices, soups, milk, fruit juices etc.
What Is Balance Diet??
As we know five groups provide us with most of the nutrients and energy we need,They are-------

Group One-Wheat,Rich and Cereals which are major sources of starch,carbohydrates,B-vitamins and Fiber.

Group Two-Fruits and Vegetables which re rich sources of several vitamins,minerals,carbohydrates and fiber.

Group Three-Meat,Fish,Poultry and pulses which primarily provide the body with protine,vitamin B12,Zinc & iron.

Group Four-Dairy products,high in protein,calcium&several essential vitamins-A,B2,B6,B12&D.

Group Five-Fata,Oils&sugar are the principal sources of energy for our bodyto be used sparingly

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