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Nutrilite Antioxidants Products & Children's Supplements - Please read and try it yourself


We need many nutrients to maintain good health but these nutrients are difficult to obtain in sufficient amounts from food that we eat alone. Vitamin and Mineral supplements are quick and easy way to achieve optimal nutrition requirement of our body by helping to fill the nutrient gaps that may occur due to inadequate food choices or elevated needs.

Nutrilite products are a good medium to get all these required nutrients.
Amway is the distributors for Nutrilite products and I am one of many Amway's members outside they with valid distributorship license.
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NUTRILITE Kids Chewable - For Children above 4 years only
A chewable supplement especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs for growing children. Each tablet contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals as well as Nutrilite tropical fruit concentrates.
Children’s nutrition made simple

Contains 23 essential vitamins & minerals
Cute Animal character shapes on tablets
Natural orange, vanilla and licorice flavour
Does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
Packed in a Cute Teddy bear bottle.

Helps to meet the BIG nutritional needs of SMALL children

Easy and reliable supplementation
23 essential vitamins and minerals to support normal growth and development
Natural orange, vanilla and licorice flavour to ensure supplementation compliance

Nutritional Information
Amount per tablet

Vitamin A 2500 IU
Vitamin C 40 mg
Vitamin D 200 IU
Vitamin E 20 IU
Vitamin K 40 mcg
Vitamin B1 0.75 mg
Vitamin B2 0.85 mg
Vitamin B6 1 mg
Vitamin B12 3 mcg
Niacin 10 mg
Folic Acid 200 mcg
Biotin 150 mcg
Pantothenic 5 mg
Calcium 75 mg
Iron 3 mg
Iodine 75 mcg
Magnesium 38 mg
Zinc 7.5 mg
Selenium 35 mcg
Copper 1 mg
Mangenese 1 mg
Chromium 60 mcg
Molybednium 38 mcg

NUTRILITE® Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails - 60 Use(s) per BottleNutrilite® Glucosamine-7 Helps improve joint health - 2 Month Supply (240 Count)NUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2 - 90 tabletsNUTRILITE® Daily Multivitamin Multimineral - 24 essential vitamins and minerals, 20 of them at 100% of the Daily Value (180 Capsules)NUTRILITE® Ginkgo Biloba and DHA for Focus and Energize Your Brain (100 Softgels)Nutrilite® Ocean Essentials® Heart Health

Why Nutrilite Protein Powder is Best among all Other Protein Supliments

Why we need NUTRILITE Protein Powder to remain healthy?

Lets see technically why we need NUTRILITE Protein Powder.

Protein is an essential part of our daily balanced food pyramid (triangle).
The food pyramid contains

Vitamins and
NUTRILITE® Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails - 60 Use(s) per BottleNUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient - Case with 31-day SupplyNUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2 - 90 tablets
Fats and carbohydrates provide the human body with instant energy. They are found in oils, ghee, milk, fried foods, fast food products, dairy products(sweets), chicken,mutton and other animal meat.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body like a brick wall of a building. These are found in milk, lassi, paneer, pulses,eggs, chicken, soy etc..

Vitamins and minerals are found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
Well in our countries we have a habit of eating lot of "faltu food" instead of what is essential or at least a balanced food.
You might be aware that we usually eat fast food when we feel hungry. But fast food contains fats and carbohydrates.
Now the distinction here is to find out what a human body needs independent of which country we belong to.
The research shows that a human body as it gets older needs protection from diseases and strength to fight with the environmental changes. So it is vital to first keep the body structure which is our skeleton (bones & joints), tissues,blood vessels in proper functioning order.

If we talk structure of a body your mind immediately will go to what I explained in Proteins (building blocks). Once you have a solid structure you can live longer safely.

Why NUTRILITE Protein powder?
Nutrilite protein powder is made from the best source of protein available which is soy.

But again why Nutrilite soy protein? Because a lot of care has been taken to manufacture Nutrilite soy protein powder. It starts from the quality of raw soy till the packaging of the product.
Nutrilite protein powder has a high protein content (80%) mainly derived from vegetable/milk source. Moreover Nutilite protein powder contains 9 essential Amino acids which are the building blocks of the body.

They help you to balance the regular intake of protein to our body.

Positrim Weight Management Low fat Drink

This is a review on Nutrilite’s Trim Body System and Healthy weight management with Positrim.
Around two years back I had my first baby. After the baby my my wife had gained a substantial amount of weight and she was very upset with this one. We were trying exersie and walk with no great results untill we heared about Positrim a health drik fromAmway for Weight management.

My wife been using this system for the past month and we are getting some great results. My wife lost a few inchess already along with a weight loss of around two Kilograms .

The Trim Body System maps out for you your meals for each day. In other words it has a meal plan all set up for you. It’s up to you to follow through on it. If you are truely dedicated in your personal weight loss you will have no problem using this system. Each day requires you to eat plenty of salad and lots of protein. The nutrilite protein powder is used as your base, when making shakes or using it in your meals.

The first two weeks you begin with a liquid diet, eating only solid foods one time and the other two times Positrim liquid diet. The following two weeks the plan allows you to eat solid foods again for two times and one time Positrim liquid diet. Following the plan daily, allows you to build a habit in eating good foods and breaking your bad habit of eating junk food.
So while managing your weight you also developing a good habit of healthy food.

Daily, it is important to have breakfast. Breakfast, as I learned, is the most important meal throughout the day. This gives your body a fresh tank of gas as your begin your day. The meal plan described in the system breaks down your 3 main meals each day with snacks in between each meal. This is done to train your body in expecting food throughout the day. This helps your hunger so that you don’t pig out during your main meals. Along with eating fruits and vegetables for snacks, Trim Advantage Protein Bars are used to supplement your snacks in between your meals.

Lets examine the technical facts about Positrim.

Positrim is a nutritionally balanced meal replacement drink mix that is an integral part of Healthy Living Weight Management Program.

* Positrim Description

Each sachet offers :

Almost 1/3rd daily value of all essential vitamins and minerals.
A safe and a sensible balance of proteins, fats & carbohydrates.
Essential fiber required for good health.
No synthetic ingredients.
Contains only 170 kcals

Available in 3 Delicious flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry.

* Benefits

Healthy Living Weight Management program combines nutritious eating with daily exercise. It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manages your weight effectively. Healthy living weight management program is a scientific, comprehensive and easy to follow program. This program provides a simple plan for weight management, which comprises of losing weight sensibly and safely and thereafter maintaining the ideal weight.

* Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 sachet
Calories = 170
Calories from fat = 15
Protein = 15g
Total Carbohydrate = 28g
Total Fat = 2g

* More Information
Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix now available in 3 Delicious flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry.

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Nutrilite Protein Powder


Nutrilite® is the world 's leading brand of vitamins minerals and dietary supplements grown harvested and processed on its own certified organic farms ,Experience,Research&care,Together,they make NUTRILITE supplements the best that science and nature can create.NUTRILITE has ben awarded 61 patents from product to packing,and NUTRILITE owns more tan 7500 acres of farmland at five location throughout USA,Brazil & Mexico,its a 70 yrs old company stand for his own product quality.

Nutrilite Protein Powder

Nutrilite Protein is a ‘complete protein’ which provides balanced amounts of essential and non-essential amino acids vital for maintenance and rebuilding of cells and tissues. It has a high protein content of 80% and provides a balanced supply of all nine essential amino acids. It also provides the added benefits of naturally occurring soy isoflavones, calcium and iron.
NUTRILITE® Complex for Hair, Skin & Nails - 60 Use(s) per BottleNUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient - Case with 31-day SupplyAmway eSpring Water Purifier Below Counter Unit In-Home Water Treatment and Filtration SystemNUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2 - 90 tablets
Product Benefits

NUTRILITE Protein Powder gives you a nutritious alternative to meats and dairy products.

NUTRILITE Protein Powder provides a natural supply of essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. It is unflavored, neutral tasting, making it the ideal addition to your favorite foods and drinks. NUTRILITE Protein Powder is certified Kosher and Halal. NUTRILITE Protein Powder is the perfect protein alternative for those seeking a lean source of protein in their diets.

The Protein for everyone.

Provides at least 8gm of protein per 10 gram serving.Combination of high quality protein isolated from soy & milkContains only 0.3gm/serve fat

Contains Soy LecithinContains Soy IsoflavonesDoes not contain artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

Ingredients :: Soy Protein isolate,Milk Protein Concentrate,SoyLecithin,Slicon Dioxide.

Provides at least
8gm of protein per 10 gram serving.
Combination of high quality protein isolated from soy & milkContains only 0.3gm/serve fatHas a BV = 81% and PER = 2.5Is neutral tastingContains Lactalbumin and Methionine derived from Milk WheyIs stable under high temperaturesContains Soy LecithinContains Soy IsoflavonesDoes not contain artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

High protein content, convenient usage, Excellent source of ‘complete’ proteinLow Fat, Low cholesterol protein sourceCompares favourably with Milk proteinsNeutral tasting , hence Can be mixed with multiple food itemsAlternative source of protein for individuals with lactose intoleranceRetains all its nutritional value when cooked with other foodHas excellent dispersability making it easier to mix in beveragesHigh quality, consistent proteinSoy isoflavones may help reduce heart problem

What function does protein perform?

Protein functions as a transporter, defends against diseases, and maintains fluid and electrolyte balance. Protein also makes up muscle and connective tissue, hormones, and the enzymes necessary for normal cellular function. Constructed from small molecules called amino acids.

How much protein do we need each day?

Our protein needs depend on our age, size, and activity level. ICMR recommends the following protein intake for different life stages for Indian population:

Adults 1.0 gm/kg body weight/day

Children 1.5 gm/kg body weight/day

Pregnant/Lactating women 1.75 gm/kg body weight/day

What’s PDCAAS?

It is a global standard established by WHO. With a score of 1.0 representing the highest score possible for a quality protein source.

Is Nutrilite Protein for everyone?

Being a lean and complete protein source, Nutrilite Protein Powder is an ideal supplement for the entire family.

People suffering from any medical ailment are recommended to consult their doctor.
Given its neutral taste, Nutrilite Protein Powder can be mixed with variety of food items like cereals, breads, cakes, biscuits, vegetables, salads, vegetable juices, soups, milk, fruit juices etc.
What Is Balance Diet??
As we know five groups provide us with most of the nutrients and energy we need,They are-------

Group One-Wheat,Rich and Cereals which are major sources of starch,carbohydrates,B-vitamins and Fiber.

Group Two-Fruits and Vegetables which re rich sources of several vitamins,minerals,carbohydrates and fiber.

Group Three-Meat,Fish,Poultry and pulses which primarily provide the body with protine,vitamin B12,Zinc & iron.

Group Four-Dairy products,high in protein,calcium&several essential vitamins-A,B2,B6,B12&D.

Group Five-Fata,Oils&sugar are the principal sources of energy for our bodyto be used sparingly

Product price =799/- for 200 grms. shipping cost =99/- total=898/-

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Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3: Its Good for Heart, best for Health

Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3…..Good for Heart, best for Health.
With our fast paced life styles, we end up consuming lots of processed foods/junk food which is high in fats especially Omega-6 fatty acids.
This creates an imbalance between Omega-6 fatty acids & Omega-3 fatty acids leading to disturbance in normal well being. To balance the same we need to consume optimal amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are also referred as the "good fats". These must be obtained from diet because the body cannot manufacture them on its own.A naturally sourced Omega supplement coupled with right diet and exercise can also give your heart an extra advantage.NUTRILITE Salmon Omega-3 combines fish oil with d-Alpha Tocopherol to give you a balanced formula of good fats, in the most active form, without the fishy taste which helps support normal health and normal triglyceride levels.

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